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Neha Kakkar’s quick reply to the trollers, said – I am number one, that’s why people are jealous of me


Neha Kakkar is one of the famous singers of Bollywood. His songs are very well liked, which make people jump. Recently, he is in the discussion about his new song, Bhgi Bhegi. Song is getting good response. However, Neha also has to face trollers at times. Singer has now expressed his strong reaction in this matter.

Neha said during an interview with IANS that I also feel bad, but I leave it behind. I think that these people who are writing poorly about me are no one else but the burning people. Why do they think Neha is here? ‘ People will write about the number one singer. I think I am number one, so people talk about me and get jealous. I am not afraid of haters because they are very few in number, while those who love are more.

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Recently, Neha announced the release of her new song by sharing the video. Along with this, he had also told why these days she is not very active on social media. He said in the video, ‘Many people are asking me that I am not posting much on social media today. My fans are getting very upset. So let me say that I am not very active on social media because I am not happy because nothing good is happening. Nobody has food to eat, people are dying, some people are going into depression. ‘

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