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News of suicide can also come from the music industry- now Shan has reacted to Sonu’s statement


Bollywood’s popular and talented singer Shan recently spoke to Live Hindustan. During this, he told how he is keeping himself busy in lockdown and at the same time he talked openly about the music industry. Shaan said that while everyone is upset and sad at the moment, he is associated with gonuts to bring some happiness in everyone’s life. Shaan told that through this, all the celebs send special messages to the fans. Shaan said, ‘If someone’s birthday or any special day, then we wish the fans, then we are trying to bring happiness in everyone’s life’.

Let us know that recently after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, Sonu Nigam targeted some people in the music industry. Not only this, he had even said that the music industry could also report suicide.

Now Shan has given his reaction on the statement of Sonu Nigam. Shaan said, ‘Sonu said that there are problems for new singers in the industry, that is fine, but it is wrong to associate it with suicide. You have the option of whether you want to work in that situation or not. If you do not work in their way, you do not and do something new yourself. I do the same thing ‘.

Shan said, I will tell everyone not to be depressed and keep yourself positive. There is no need to talk about suicide, these are all negative things and no one else can rule over you. Love yourself and give your best.

What did sonu say

Sonu shared the video and said, ‘Today Sushant Singh Rajput from Bollywood is dead. An actor is dead, tomorrow you can hear about a singer or hear about a composer or musician. Music mafia is bigger than movies. The new children who have come in the music industry are upset that whatever is going on in the music industry these days. There is power in the hands of 2 people from the music industry who dissuade that they take this singer and not others. You guys don’t do this. Baddua is a bad thing ‘.

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