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Now only 4 days a week work and 3 days off! Government is bringing new rules


Now only 4 days a week work and 3 days off! Government is bringing new rules 1

In the coming days you may have to work only 4 days a week. Actually, the Ministry of Labor and Employment is in the process of implementing the new Labor Code. In this, the working hours will be made lame. Also, under the new labor code, companies will be able to make their employees work only 4 days a week. In such a situation, employees will have to work only for 48 hours in a week. Apart from this, employees will get three days off.

Have to work so many hours
Under the new labor code, companies will also have to get free medical checkup of employees under state insurance. However, the employees who work for 4 days will have to do duty for 12 hours on the working day. Giving this information, Secretary, Ministry of Labor and Employment, Apurva Chandra said that we are not putting pressure on employers or employees. They will have the option of both options. This arrangement is being done in view of the changing culture of work.

Ease with change
Apoorva Chandra said that under the new Labor Code, there is also an effort to facilitate with some changes. Giving information, he said that the draft rules are almost in the final stages under the Labor Code. Most states were also involved in preparing this draft. It has states like Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh.

Must agree
Under the new rule, employees may have fewer than 5 working days. Chandra said that if the working days are 4, then the employees will get 3 days off. However, this new rule will require employers and employees to agree. However, earlier in the week, the working hours were 48 and the same will continue. There will be no pressure to follow the new rule.

No more than 5 hours of continuous work
Also, according to the proposal prepared, no employee can work more than 5 hours continuously. He will also have to take a half-hour break in 5 hours. The Code on Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions, 2020 will be applicable to all companies and factories, after which they will not need to seek the government’s permission to change the working hours.

New web portal
In addition, the Ministry of Labor is also creating a web portal for workers in the unorganized sector. In this, workers in the unorganized sector will be able to register themselves by June 2021. Under this, they will be provided with many facilities. It will also include gig workers, platform workers and migrant laborers.

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