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Odisha’s tribal women have made a mark, they have made demand for Tussar silk sarees all over the country


Odisha's tribal women have made a mark, they have made demand for Tussar silk sarees all over the country 1

new Delhi. It is said that if a person is skilled then he can earn millions even sitting at home. This saying has come true by the group of tribal women of Odisha. She also outperforms big industrialists by earning her skills. Their designed tussar silk sarees are in demand all over the country. It can be purchased from many famous online websites. These women work in the silk park.

It is known that the women of Konjhar traditionally cultivate tussar. But in 2017, the state government took the initiative to give his talent a place. Under this, tussar was promoted extensively. In this, one hectare of land was given to the women of the country, on which they can cultivate tussar. Women’s hard work paid off and cocoon production increased. In such a situation, the state government established the Bagmunda Tussar Silk Park last year. Its goal is to provide financial assistance to tusser cultivators.

Women get training
In order to enable more and more tribal women to earn as part of the silk park, they are taught to make things with tussar silk. For this, they are given training. In which women learn the art of making sarees, textiles and other products etc. from raw silk. Initially, this work was learned by 10 to 15 women of the village. Now other women have also been inspired by seeing them. They are also a part of this mission.

Fabric makes about 30 meters daily
It is said that women associated with Silk Park make about 20 to 30 meters of tusser fabric daily. About 12 to 15 kg of silk thread is used for this. Apart from weaving saris, these women also make jackets, kurtas, stalls, dhotis, masks and handmade fans. These sarees have been available online since August 2020. These can be purchased under the name ‘BTSP Sarees’.


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