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Payal Ghosh got Kangana Ranaut’s support, then the actress said – together we will bring them all down


Payal Ghosh has recently accused Anurag Kashyap of sexual harassment. While many celebs supported Anurag after accusing Anurag, Kangana Ranaut supported Payal. Kangana made several tweets in support of Payal and demanded Anurag’s arrest. On receiving support of Kangana, Payal thanked her.

Payal tweeted, Thank you Kangana for your support. Your support means a lot to me. We are women and together we will bring them all down.

Payal wrote this in response to Kangana’s tweet in which Kangana said that Bollywood is full of sexual predators. Actually, Kangana had tweeted, ‘Bollywood is full of sexual predators who also perform fake and dummy marriages. They expect a new hot girl to please them every day. They do the same to weak men. I had settled my mater in my own way. I didn’t need meitoo, but a lot of girls need it. ‘

Kangana tweeted another, ‘As far as I know Anurag himself has admitted that he has never been in a relationship with one partner at a time. Not even when he was married with some people. What Anurag did with Payal is common in Bollywood. It is natural for them to treat girls who come from outside and try as a sex worker.

Also shared his experience

Kangana tweeted, ‘What Payal Ghosh is saying, many big heroes have done this to me. Such as showing your genitals as soon as the room or van is closed or carrying the tongue in the mouth while dancing in a party. Come home to work and then force them. ‘

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