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Paytm Account Holders Big Relief, KYC to be done in few minutes without leaving home


Paytm Account Holders Big Relief, KYC to be done in few minutes without leaving home 1

new Delhi. Paytm ( Paytm ) Has been reported to be very big news for users. On behalf of Paytm Payments Bank Limited, customers have been given permission to complete their KYC formulations on the mobile app. Now Paytm customers will be able to get KYC without leaving their house and without calling anyone at home. Customers will be able to get Paytm through video call from 9 am to 8 pm.

How to use
– To start the verification process, customers have to click on the Video KYC tab.
– You will be given an executive from Paytm.
– The executive will help the customer to complete this entire process.
– Most important for verification is the customer’s PAN card and Aadhaar card.
– The entire process will be completed in 2 minutes.
Right now this service is being given to a few use bases.
– Soon it will be available to all customers.

Expanded Paytm postpaid
Paytm has also expanded its Paytm postpaid. You can use Paytm postpaid to buy groceries and household essentials. You can also pay various bills through this. Now Paytm will be able to use postpaid in retail chains like Reliance Fresh, Haldiram, Apollo Pharmacy, Croma and Shoppers Stock.

Kuki service started with
This service has been done by Paytm in association with two NBFC companies. Paytm apps provide instant credit to users for making various types of payments. At the same time, in view of the demand for consumer credit during Corona, the company has increased the credit limit to Rs 1 lakh monthly for the payment of products like furniture and electronics.


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