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Petrol-Diesel Price: Petrol-Diesel prices continue amid volatility in crude oil, this is the rate of 1 liter of fuel

Petrol-Diesel Price: Petrol-Diesel prices continue amid volatility in crude oil, this is the rate of 1 liter of fuel

Petrol-Diesel Price: There is constant stability in the prices of petrol-diesel. (symbolic picture)

New Delhi:

Petrol and diesel prices in the country for the last seven days price stability (Petrol-Diesel Price remains unchanged). Last Wednesday i.e. 3rd November Excise duty cut on petroleum products There has been no change in oil prices since then. Even on Thursday, November 11, 2021, oil prices remain unchanged. However, let us tell you that in the last trading session, there has been volatility in oil prices. At the close of the stock market yesterday, the international benchmark Brent crude oil was looking stable at $ 84.78 per barrel. Later, the price of Brent crude in the international market increased by 0.11 percent to $ 84.87 per barrel. However, the futures prices of Brent crude oil were falling by 0.06 percent and it was $ 84.73 per barrel.

RBI on reduction in excise duty

Reserve Bank of India Governor Shaktikanta Das on Wednesday ruled out an increase in the inflation forecast to 5.3 per cent for the current fiscal, saying excise duty cuts on petrol and diesel and better supply of food products to contain inflation. has helped.

Das said that these steps taken by the government are very positive from the point of view of inflation. The government had last week announced reduction of excise duty on petrol and diesel by Rs 5 and Rs 10 respectively. Despite this reduction, the share of duties and other taxes in the retail prices of these petroleum products is more than 50 percent.

what are today’s rates

Delhi: Petrol – ₹103.97 per litre; Diesel – ₹86.67 per liter

Mumbai: Petrol – ₹109.98 per litre; Diesel – ₹94.14 per liter

Kolkata: Petrol – ₹104.67 per litre; Diesel – ₹89.79 per liter

Chennai: Petrol – Rs 101.40 per litre; Diesel – ₹91.43 per liter

Noida: Petrol – ₹95.51 per litre; Diesel – ₹87.01 per liter

Bhopal : Petrol – ₹106.86 per litre; Diesel – ₹90.95 per liter

Bangalore: Petrol – ₹107.64 per litre; Diesel – ₹92.03 per liter

Lucknow: Petrol – Rs 100.78 per liter, Diesel – Rs 86.85 per liter

Chandigarh: Petrol – ₹100.12 per liter; Diesel – Rs 86.46 per liter

Check the latest rate of petrol and diesel in your city

Petrol and diesel prices are revised everyday in the country. You can find out the rate of petrol and diesel in your city through an SMS. For this, you can send SMS to the mobile number 9224992249 under the Indian Oil Message Service. You have to write in the message box – RSP<स्पेस>Petrol Pump Dealer Code. You can check the RSP code of your area by visiting the Indian Oil website. After sending the message, an alert of the latest fuel price will come in your phone.

Savera India: Due to reduction in petrol and diesel prices, there will be a reduction of 65 thousand crores in the earnings of the Center this year.

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