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Petrol-diesel sold from Delhi to Patna today at this price, congress strikes on Modi government for not being cheap


Petrol Diesel Price Today 27th May 2020: There is no change in the rate of petrol-diesel today i.e. on Wednesday. Petrol in Delhi is Rs 71.26 per liter. Let the Central Government increase the excise duty on petrol by Rs 13 per liter and on diesel by Rs 16 per liter during the last two months. According to the website of Indian Oil, on 27 May 2020, the rates of diesel and petrol in Delhi (Delhi), Mumbai (Mumbai), Kolkata (Kolkata) and Chennai (Chennai) were as follows ..

city Petrol (Rs / liter) Diesel (Rs / liter)
Delhi 71.26 69.39
Mumbai 76.31 66.21
Kolkata 73.3 65.62
Chennai 75.54 68.22
Noida 74.05 63.97
Patna 76.27 68.8
Lucknow 73.94 63.88

People deprived of benefits of reduced prices of crude oil in Modi government: Moily

Governments all over the world are presently providing consumers with the benefit of reduced prices of crude oil in the world market, but the Modi government in India has not given any benefit to the public by reducing the cost of petrol and diesel. This is to say that of senior Congress leader and former Petroleum Minister M. Veerappa Moily. Moily said on Tuesday that automotive fuel rates in the country are at a time when the world crude oil price was at $ 107 a barrel.

Crude oil price down, but common people are not getting benefit

In a press statement, Moily said petrol was priced at Rs 71.41 per liter and diesel was priced at Rs 55.49 per liter when the crude price in the international market during the tenure of United Progressive Alliance (UPA-II) was $ 107.09 per barrel. Height was reached. At the time when the price of crude oil is in the international market at $ 36.29 per barrel, petrol is priced at Rs 71.26 per liter and diesel is priced at Rs 65.39 per liter.

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The statement said that the Modi government did not allow the benefit of the international market to reach the general public. The government has increased excise duty on petrol by Rs 13 per liter and diesel by Rs 16 per liter during the last two months. This is the reason that even after the price of crude oil reached the lowest level of two decades in the world market, there was no decrease in the price of petrol and diesel in India.

Moily said that according to the available data, people in any country of the world were not denied the benefit of the steep fall in oil prices. Moily said in the statement, “When economists from all over the world are talking about keeping cash in the hands of the people, including the present government, the present government is also reversing the benefits which are legally available to the people.

Excise duty on petrol increased from Rs 9.48 to Rs 32.98 per liter

When the Modi government took power in 2014, the excise duty on petrol was Rs 9.48 per liter while on diesel it was applicable at the rate of Rs 3.56 per liter. At present, the amount has reached Rs 32.98 per liter on petrol and Rs 31.83 per liter on diesel. This is due to the frequent increase in excise duty.

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Moily said that the Congress-led UPA-2 government, taking appropriate decisions in the interest of the people, abolished the administrative price system applicable to petrol and diesel. The idea behind this was that according to the market’s trend, the benefit of Ghatibad should be passed on to the people. This decision was taken under the principles of economics in which both the consumer and the country’s economy benefit. He said that in view of the crisis in the economy due to the Kovid-19 epidemic, the government should be more sensitive towards the people and consumers.

Petrol and diesel rates are fixed daily at 6 o’clock

Oil marketing companies fix petrol and diesel rates every day after reviewing prices. Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum revise petrol and diesel rates at 6 am daily.

Know the rates of petrol and diesel in your city through SMS

You can also check the price of petrol and diesel in your city daily via SMS. Indian Oil (IOC) Consumer RSP<डीलर कोड> HPCRICE by writing to number 9224992249 and HPCL consumer <डीलर कोड> Text can be sent to the number 9222201122. BPCL Consumer RSP<डीलर कोड> Text can be sent to number 9223112222.

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