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PM-SYM: Workers and rickshaw drivers will also be able to get pension of up to 3 thousand at the age of 60, this is the process


PM-SYM: Workers and rickshaw drivers will also be able to get pension of up to 3 thousand at the age of 60, this is the process 1

new Delhi. In a government job, after retirement, pension is provided, so that people are not worried about the future, but those working in the unorganized sector like rickshaw pullers, laborers, shopkeepers, handlers, etc. There is no deposit to support such people in old age. Keeping this in mind, Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maan-Dhan Yojana is being run. In which people belonging to unorganized sector can also get pension at the age of 60 years. They can get up to 3 thousand rupees a month. So how to invest in this scheme and who can do it, learn the application process.

Benefits of PM Shram Yogi Man-Dhan Yojana
Under the Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Man-Dhan Yojana, the central government will also deposit the same amount of money that you will deposit. The minimum amount of contribution in this scheme is 110 rupees. It has to be submitted regularly for 60 years. With this, you will get a pension of at least 3 thousand. If the subscriber dies in between then the partner gets half the amount of the pension.

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Important things related to the scheme
1. The minimum age to join this scheme should be 18 years and maximum 40 years.
2. Only those whose monthly income is Rs. 15,000 or less can apply.
3. This scheme can include only those who are not tax payers.
4. National Pension Scheme (NPS), or people availing insurance scheme of a state will not be eligible for this scheme.

Process exit
If a person wants to withdraw from this scheme before 10 years, then the amount of money he has deposited will be transferred to the savings account by adding bank interest.
If a subscriber wants to exit the plan after 10 years or before the age of 60, then the interest or bank interest rate of whatever contribution is higher will be refunded.

Investment process
To enroll in this scheme you have to go to your nearest CSC center. Here you will have to give information about your Aadhaar card and saving account or Jan Dhan account. Also, photocopy of passbook, checkbook or bank statement and other documents will have to be shown. Initially, the contribution will have to be deposited in cash. You can also register a nominee while opening an account. You will get the Shram Yogi Card as soon as the account is opened.


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