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Priyanka Chopra’s sister Meera received rape threat on social media, complaint in cyber police


Priyanka Chopra’s cousin Meera Chopra is receiving rape threats on social media. After these threats, Meera has tagged the Hyderabad Police to take action against the accounts which have threatened Meera for rape. Let me tell you that Meera recently held a #AskMeera session on Twitter. During this, the fans asked him many questions. During this time a user asked him to say a word about Junior NTR, then Meera replied, I am not his fan nor do I know him.

After this one said that if you watch his film Shakti and Dammu then you too will become his fan. So Meera replied, ‘Thank you … but I am not interested. My favorite actor is Mahesh Babu.

After Meera’s message, Meera started getting dirty comments from fans account of Junior NTR’s name. Apart from this, some even threatened Meera with rape.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s brother Shamas clarified on sexual harassment allegations, said- the truth will be revealed soon

Meera then tweeted, tagging Junior NTR, I did not know that I would be abused to like Mahesh Babu more than you and your fans would send such bad things to my parents. What makes such fan following successful? I hope you do not ignore this tweet of mine.

After this, Meera tagged the cybercrime police and the Hyderabad police and tweeted, I want to report all these accounts. All of them have threatened to rape and kill me. Twitter, I request you to suspend these accounts. ‘

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