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Is It Too Quick To Analyze Reliance Jio?


Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. has emanated one of the biggest price wars in the telecom industry. Reliance Jio embarks Mukesh Ambani’s return in the telecom sector after Reliance Communications went to his brother Anil Ambani in 2005 during the division of Reliance empire.

Reliance Jio currently involves an investment of $22 billion. It has by now rattled the telecom biggies, including Vodafone, Airtel, Idea and BSNL, with its tariff plans. The constructive beginning 4G data offers of Reliance Jio have managed to attract users in large numbers. Jio has not only pushed the operators in deep waters but forced them to revise its entire data plan.

However, this is just the beginning. Amid assurance of invigorating the entire telecom usage set up, we bring to you certain highlights combining the good and bad aspects surrounding Reliance Jio:


Reliance Jio offers free voice calls. No doubt it’s beneficial, but who uses voice calls when we have free WhatsApp calling, Facebook Messenger feature of video and voice calling, IMO etc. Everything counts on data and it’s on expense.

Apart from urban class, this feature is also an attraction for lower class customers like farmers and villagers who can’t afford to spend much. They can easily access the Internet and watch videos.


The welcome offer of Reliance Jio provides free usage of Internet at 4G speed for four months (September to December) along with free voice calls and messages. Interesting, but what after four months? The customer will have to upgrade with latest tariff plans. Whilst, this has shaken the entire customer base of the current operators.


Quite an advantageous aspect as users has been waiting to use roaming for free. This will definitely push biggies like Airtel and Vodafone to provide roaming for free or maybe some better offers. However, data used during roaming will be chargeable.


On purchasing Reliance Jio number with a student identity card will give students a concession of 25 percent. That means students can utilise 25 percent extra as per their tariffs.

  1. JIO APPS:

Reliance Jio is also launching its customised apps like Jio Money, Jio Play which includes live TV and music, e-health services, e-commerce, e-education, and a lot more. To avail this plethora of necessities, the user will have to subscribe it by paying Rs 15,000 for a year.

Currently, it is free but will be chargeable after the end of the welcome offer.


Jio plans include:

Rs 499 —- 4 GB + 8 GB FREE WIFI DATA ———– 28 DAYS

Rs 299 —–   2 GB + 4 GB FREE WIFI DATA ——- 21 DAYS

Rs 149 —– 300 MB ——- 28 DAYS

Rs 129 —– 750 MB + 1.5 GB FREE WIFI DATA ——– 7 DAYS

Rs 19 ——- 100 MB + 200 MB FREE WIFI DATA ——– 1 DAY

None of the plans is for 30 days. It’s following the same policy like its rivals. If you compare, none of the plans is Rs 50 per GB. But if we combine the total data offer with the price then it amounts to same. For instance, Rs 499 for 12 GB = Rs 42 per GB. Quite less than competitors. Free Wi-Fi data refers to the wi-fi- hotspots established by Reliance Jio.

In addition, there is unlimited 4G data use between 2 am to 5 am. Quite an odd hour. Isn’t it? This is the time when the social media is least used.

Besides, what if Reliance Jio changes its plans after the welcome offer ends?


Instead of targeting high-end customers and yielding profits, Reliance Jio has enunciated a different customer base through its plans. It intends to approach a mixed set of customers.

Surprisingly, it targets to get 90 percent of India’s population under 4G Reliance Jio network in a year. The company plans to expand to 18,000 cities and two lakh villages.

Good anecdote, but unrealistic as it depends on how this service turns out to be in terms of data usage, calls, and quality.


Unlike other telecom operators who charge for text messages during festive days like Friendship Day, Independence Day, Diwali etc, Reliance Jio won’t charge any extra amount and the messages will be free.

P.S.: Everything appears quite feasible as its unique selling factor is the 4G network. The feedback of the Reliance Jio services at the end of its welcome offer will decide its fate.

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