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Rajasthani bride became Rashmi Desai, seeing the photos, the fans asked- when are you getting married?


Rashmi Desai is very active on social media and shares her photos. Now recently Rashmi has shared many of her photos in which she is seen in a traditional look. In a photo, Rashmi Rajasthani is seen in the bride’s look. In the photo, from Rashmi’s outfit to her jewelery, all the fans are liking it.

Rashmi’s photo is being liked by fans as well as celebs. Everyone is praising Rashmi’s beauty.

Rashmi has since shared her photo in a South Indian bride look. Rashmi is wearing a white color sari during this time. Also Rashmi is wearing heavy jewelery. Everyone is also praising Rashmi’s smile in the photo.

Purchased luxury car a few days ago

Rashmi bought a luxury car a few days ago. This car was Rashmi’s dream. During an interview, Rashmi had said, ‘All of us are facing financial troubles due to the lockdown. If you had not done planning before then you must have faced tightness’.

Rashmi had told in the interview that she wanted to buy Mercedes after Bigg Boss 13, but then canceled the plan. The actress also said that she has come to realize the benefits of working with planning in the midst of this epidemic.

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A class of trollers commenting on age was employed

A few days ago Rashmi had posted a user class on Instagram, which made a dirty comment about her age. Rashmi wrote, ‘Who are you? Do you have this idea for your mother, sister, girlfriends or other women? This is what your parents or the environment around you has taught, or is it your own dirty mind. It is really sad to see that people like you know how to write, but do not know what to write. This is when you lack education and you need it. I pity you, such a small dirty minded boy. ‘

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