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RBI gave indications of better economy, when will it be positive


RBI gave indications of better economy, when will it be positive 1

new Delhi. The RBI has made it clear that the country’s economy is improving. Estimated RBI figures are pointing to this. The RBI has made it clear that even though the real GDP growth is estimated at minus 7.5 per cent for 2021, the country’s GDP could rise above 0 in the third and fourth quarters. For this, it has been estimated by RBI.

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Demand is improving
This positive note has been shown by RBI because the demand in the country is improving. According to RBI, there has been an improvement in demand in rural areas. In the coming days, it can be seen more rapidly. On the other hand, urban demand is also catching up. Due to which, there is a possibility of accelerating the GDP of the country.

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GDP figures were released towards the government
Recently, the government has estimated real GDP for FY 2021. According to the government’s figures, GDP is estimated to be below 7.5 percent. Whereas in the first quarter the same rate of growth was 24 percent below zero. If we talk about RBI, they had estimated it at 9.5 per cent. After the release of data from the government, everyone was quite surprised.


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