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Reliance can take the reins of Tiktok India


Reliance can take the reins of Tiktok India 1

new Delhi. Ever since the news of Ticketcock’s US operations in the US being purchased by Microsoft, it has been reported. Since then, there has been talk of buying India’s operations. The first name itself came from Microsoft. Now the name of Reliance Industries (Reliance Industries) has come up. There is also news that Tiktok Ceo Kevin Mayer has also talked to Reliance Officials. By the way, Reliance has rumored to have bought Tiktok and there is no statement from Tiktok.

Tittock CEO talks to Reliance officials
According to the media report, Kevin Mayer met with Reliance’s top officials regarding Tittock India operations. After which there is a churn from Reliance and Jio about whether taking Tiktok in the present time will be a profitable deal or not. Because after the Galvan Valley violence, China and its products have become negative sentiments. At the same time, it is being confirmed in the media report that there is a contact from both Reliance and ByteDance.

Reliance refusal
Even though the market of discussions is hot, Reliance has tried to cool it down by calling this whole news a rumor. According to media reports, when Reliance was contacted about this, it was declared a rumor. The company says that they share the required information under the agreement with the stock exchange under Sebi rules. On the other hand, Microsoft has also refused to talk in this entire matter. There is also no statement from Kevin Mayer.

Time in america till 15th september
On the other hand, Ticketock’s deadline for sale to US operations is September 15. Which has also been signed by President Donald Trump. According to the order, the US operations should be sold to Microsoft or another US company and all the data is withdrawn from the Chinese companies. If it does not, the company will be banned altogether. At the same time, Japan and other countries can also ban Tiktok. So Microsoft is also talking about buying global operations.


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