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RIL re-creates history, first company to have 13 lakh crore market cap


RIL re-creates history, first company to have 13 lakh crore market cap 1

new Delhi. Reliance Industries has once again created history by creating a record of becoming the only company in the share market of Rs 13 lakh crore. At the same time, the shares of the company (Reliance Industries Share) have also jumped nearly 2 percent to reach a new high of 52 weeks. The company had crossed the Rs 2000 level yesterday. Today the shares of the company (Reliance Industries Share Price) reached Rs 20178.90. Mukesh Ambani (Mukesh Ambani) also benefited from the increase in shares of the company. Mukesh Ambani Net Worth gained more than 2 billion as compared to yesterday. Let me tell you that Reliance shares are seeing a steady increase. Due to which the company and Mukesh Ambani are continuously benefiting. Today, the stock market has overcome the initial weakness, crossed the 38 thousand level. This level of Sensex (Sensex) has seen the most since March 5.

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Reliance shares reached new heights
Today, Reliance shares reached a new high. After the market opened, the shares of the company opened at Rs. 2004.10 today and went on a steady rise. The company’s stock reached a new level of Rs 2078.90 per share during the trading session. It is also a new height of 52 weeks. After the closing of the stock market, the company’s stock has gone up to Rs 2060.65 per share. Let us tell you that on Wednesday, the shares of the company had increased. During the trading session on Wednesday, 2010 had reached the level of Rs. 2004 and closed at Rs. According to experts, the shares of the company may see a further rise.

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More than one lakh crore rupees increase in a week
On the other hand, the market cap of Reliance Industries, the country’s largest company, also saw an increase and crossed the Rs 13 lakh crore level of the company. Reliance is the first and only company in the country to have achieved this level. The special thing is that the company has completed the journey from 12 lakh crore rupees to 13 lakh crores in about a week. When the market closed the company had a market cap of Rs 13,06,329.39 crore. Whereas on the day Reliance AGM took place, the company’s shares were seen to fall and the market cap fell from 12.25 lakh crore to 11.70 lakh crore rupees.

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Mukesh Ambani’s assets increase by 2.2 billion
Mukesh Ambani’s wealth has also increased due to the increase in Reliance Industries shares. Mukesh Ambani’s wealth has increased by $ 2.2 billion as of Wednesday. When the stock market closed on Wednesday, according to Forbes, his wealth was $ 75.1 billion, which has increased to $ 77.3 billion. Now the distance between Mukesh Ambani and Warren Buffet has been about 5 billion dollars. Currently, Warren Buffett is in 6th place and his net worth is $ 72.6 billion. At the same time, the gap between his Mark Zuckerberg has reduced. There is a gap of $ 11 billion between Mukesh Ambani and Zuckerberg. Currently, Mark Zuckerberg has total assets of $ 88.3 billion.

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Sensex closed at nearly 5-month high
Today the stock market closed at a five-month high after the initial decline. In which the most important contribution is the rise in the shares of Reliance Industries. The Bombay Stock Exchange’s main index closed at 38140.47 points, up by 269 points. This level has been seen in the Sensex since March 5. On the other hand, the National Stock Exchange’s leading index Nifty 50 closed up 11215 points with a gain of about 83 points. All except IT and Tech sectors saw a boom. Apart from Reliance, shares of Eicher Motors, SBI, ICICI and IOCL saw a spurt.


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