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Ruchi Soya: Ruchi Soya’s successful race in the stock market, know the special things about the company


Ruchi Soya: Ruchi Soya's successful race in the stock market, know the special things about the company 1

new Delhi. Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev’s stock of Patanjali Group company Ruchi Soya has jumped higher in the last few days. Talking of only 5 months, the stock of this company has given 95 times i.e. 9400 percent return. Talking about Ruchi Soya shares, there was a continuous rally before 26th of June. Let me tell you that Ruchi Soya was re-listed on 27 January 2020. The share price at that time was 16 rupees. Whereas, on 26 June, the interest of Soya shares rose to Rs 1520. In the language of market profit and loss, the wealth of investors had increased by 95 times or 9400 percent during this period.

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Some big things related to Ruchi Soya-

  • Ruchi Soya is one of India’s largest edible oil companies
  • Ruchi Soya Company went bankrupt in 2019
  • Soya was bought by Patanjali of Ramdev in the bankrupt sale
  • Patanjali bought Ruchi Soya for 4350 crores
  • Ruchi Patanjati owns about 99.03 percent stake in the company
  • Its 27 crore shares are held by 15 companies of Patanjali Group.
  • Only 0.97 percent shares of Ruchi Soya are held by investors
  • Net profit of the company stood at 12.25 crore in the June quarter
  • Total income Rs 3,057.15 crore in the June quarter
  • Balakrishna, MD of Ruchi Soya Company, recently resigned
  • Baba Ramdev’s younger brother Ram Bharat became MD of Ruchi Soya

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FMCG company Ruchi Soya Industries shares have risen sharply after the relisting in January. It was acquired by Patanjali Ayurved after the bankruptcy process of Ruchi Soya Company. The company’s shares have risen 8,800 per cent in the last five months.


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