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SBI account holders beware of new OTP scam, hackers in China can empty bank account


SBI account holders beware of new OTP scam, hackers in China can empty bank account 1

New Delhi. If you are a State Bank of India (SBI) consumer then you need to beware of new frauds. In the new scam, money is being withdrawn from their accounts by trapping consumers in the affair of KYC. Let us try to know how this can be avoided.

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KYC update process

According to a report by CyberPeace Foundation and Autobot Infosec, Chinese hackers are targeting consumers in the name of KYC scams. This scam happens through an SMS or WhatsApp message. In the SMS, the customer of SBI Bank is asked to update the KYC. For this, a link is also given in the message. You can also get an email with the message.

Clicking on the link takes you to a site. This site looks similar to SBI website. It needs to be recognized. You just go to the official website. Do not visit the website at all through any link.

Banking related information will be asked

According to the report, you will be asked for information related to banking. In this, information like username, password, captcha will be asked. After this, you are asked about the OTP received on the mobile. During this you need to be alert. After that do not fill any information. In this, details of account holder, mobile number, date of birth etc. are sought. Don’t forget to put it.

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Scammers can make you a victim of fraud with this information. For this you should be careful and do not share any unknown link. Whenever you work on Net Banking, do not always click on the bank related link. Always go to web browser and enter url and use net banking.

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