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Sensex lost 2800 points in 6 days, Nifty lost 800 points, investors lost Rs 11 lakh crore


Sensex lost 2800 points in 6 days, Nifty lost 800 points, investors lost Rs 11 lakh crore 1

new Delhi. On Thursday, the Indian stock market was in shambles due to poor global cues and termination of derivatives series contracts. Today the Sensex (Sensex) saw a decline of more than 1100 points. While the Nifty 50 (Nifty 50) also lost 326 points. If we talk about the last 6 business days then the Sensex has gone down by about 2800 points. While the Nifty has seen a drop of 800 points. According to the stock market data, market investors have lost more than Rs 11 lakh crore in the last 6 days. Whereas in today’s trading day, the market has suffered a loss of Rs 3.75 lakh crore. At the same time, there is a big decline in banking and IT sector.

Sensex at 70-day low
Today, there was chaos in the stock market. The Bombay Stock Exchange’s flagship index Sensex fell 1,115 points to 36,554, the lowest level since July 16. When the Sensex closed at 36471 points. The special thing is that in the last 6 days, the stock market has fallen by about 2800 points due to the continuous decline. The stock market has seen a steady decline since last Thursday. Then the Sensex started with 39302 points.

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Nifty has fallen by nearly 800 points
Secondly, the National Stock Exchange’s major index Nifty 50 has also seen a big decline. Since last Thursday, then the Nifty has come down by 800 points. If we talk about today, the Nifty broke 326 points and closed at 10,806. Which is at the lowest level after 16 July. On July 16, the Nifty closed at 10739 points. That is, the Nifty has also come at a low of 70 days.

Everyone fell from banking sector to IT
If we talk about the sectoral index, then all the collapses were seen. There was a big decline in everything from banking sector to IT sector. BSE Auto 618.89 points, Bank Exchange 821.39, Bank Nifty 721.70, Capital Goods 145.12, Consumer Durables 568.18, BSE FMCG 101.29, BSE Healthcare 421.99, BSE IT 889.22, BSE Metals 285.90, Oil & Gas 351, BSE PSU 149.32, BSE Tech 392.31 , BSE Smallcap 331.25, BSE Mid-cap 304.71 and CNX Midcap 413.70 closed down by a big loss.

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The biggest decline in shares of these companies
The shares of IndusInd Bank saw the biggest fall, closing at 7.16 per cent. On the other hand, Bajaj Finance shares closed down by 6.63 per cent. Tata Motors closed down 6.54 per cent, Mahindra & Mahindra 6.12 per cent and Tata Consultancy Services 5.48 per cent. Hindustan Unilever shares closed up 0.41 per cent.

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11 lakh crore rupees in 6 days
With the decline of 6 consecutive days, more than 11 lakh rupees have been received by the common investors. The gains and losses of investors are linked to the decrease and increase in market cap of BSE. On September 16, the market cap of BSE was Rs 1,60,08,032.72 crore. While today, the market cap of BSE has come down to Rs 1,48,98,466.58 crore. That is, 1109566.14 rupees from the market cap of BSE. Whereas today, as per the market cap of BSE, the investors have lost Rs 3,73,170 crore.


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