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Share market may stop under the pressure of Coronavirus


New Delhi. The domestic stock market has been witnessing strong for three consecutive weeks. At the same time, the number of cases of Coronavirus in the country is also increasing. More than 20 thousand patients of coronavirus cases in India are coming out every 24 hours. Next week, due to the rapid increase of coronavirus us Cases, the stock market may see a decline.

Last week, the resurgence of economic activity could stop the investors buying last week, the BSE Sensex was successful after closing the 36 thousand mark after almost four months. This was the third week in a row when the stock market gained momentum, but the rapid rise in new cases of corona virus in the country in the last two-three days, if the same sequence continues, then the market boom could be broken in the coming week.

At the four-month high, the Sensex gained 850.15 points or 2.42 per cent to reach 36,021.42 points on the weekend. The market fell on the first two days of the week, while the last three days saw a boom. The National Stock Exchange’s Nifty gained 224.35 points, or 2.16 percent, to 10,607.35 points weekly.
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Unlike small-cap and mid-cap giants, investor confidence in mid-sized companies remained low, while in smaller companies they sold net. The BSE midcap climbed 0.23 per cent to close at 13,288.70 points on the weekend. Smallcap closed down 0.22 percent at 12,603.02.

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