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Share of this auto company got bat-bat, returns more than double in 7 months


Share of this auto company got bat-bat, returns more than double in 7 months 1

new Delhi. Eicher Motors may have seen a decline in net profit before Diwali, the shares of this company are witnessing a sharp rise on the day of Dhanteras and Diwali. There has been a tremendous increase in the price of this heavyweight share. With 52 weeks new heights have been reached. Today, this heavyweight share price is seeing more than 7 percent rise. Let us tell you that the quarterly results were revealed a day earlier on 12 November. Which saw a decline in net profit. Let us also tell you how many rupees have become in the shares of the company.

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Company shares rose up to 7 percent
Today Eicher Motors shares are seeing a gain of over 7 percent. Today, the company’s shares have reached a new high of 52 weeks with Rs 2,565. Whereas today the stock of the company opened with a fall at Rs 2240. After which there was a great boom in the shares of the company. While this is also the lower level of the company. While on Thursday, the company’s stock closed at Rs 2353.55.

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Earned 8900 crores from today
Today, the company’s stock opened at Rs 2240, which was lower than Thursday. After which the shares have seen a steady rise. Due to which the market cap of the company has also increased. Today, the company’s stock rose to a high of Rs 2556. Whose company’s market has crossed 70 thousand crores rupees. That is, the company has raised Rs 8,869.98 crore in the market cap since morning. While calculating the company’s market cap as compared to yesterday, there has been an increase of Rs 5,770.95.

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Returns of more than 100 percent since April
Since April, the company’s shares have seen returns of more than 100 percent. On April 7, the company’s stock went on a 52-week low. At that time, the shares of the company were valued at Rs 1246. Today, the company’s stock has reached Rs 2556. It can be clearly seen from the figures that the company’s stock has given double returns in 7 months.


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