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 Sonu Nigam got special advice at the beginning of her career, said – Malal is not able to execute


The lockdown has been in force in the country for a long time due to the corona virus. Many stars were away from their homes before the lockdown was announced. In such a situation, those who were there are stuck there. Famous singer Sonu Nigam is also included in this list. Sonu is currently living in Dubai, away from home.

Sonu is entertaining the audience through online concerts on the one hand through social media, while on the other hand he is answering the questions of the fans with impunity. Recently during a live chat on social media, he told that a famous singer had advised him, but he never followed it.

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Singer told, ‘He advised me not to trust anyone in this industry soon. You cannot even imagine what people will take you for. But I never followed his advice. I used to think that I have such courage that I can tolerate the loss of trust. Even if his advice was not accepted, but now it seems that he was right.

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Let us know that recently Sonu became a part of Fever FM’s live chat show ‘100 Hours 100 Stars’. In this show, he told that he is not doing anything negative in quarantine or lockdown. He is most happy at the moment because he does not need a company that can keep him happy. He says that it is very important to be patient in such times.

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