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Star Prarthana Behere told ‘Pious Relationship’, something has happened to Ankita Lokhande after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput


Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput started his acting career on television. The famous serial ‘Pritha Rishta’ gave her a door-to-door identity. He is still remembered today because of his character played in this program. Sushant’s many friends became friends with this show. While Sushant fell in love with Ankita Lokhare, actor Mahesh Shetty became his best friend. Pooja Behere, a co-star on the show, had Sushant as a younger sister. Prayer is also saddened by the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, where he expressed grief over the demise of his Muhombolle brother, while the actor’s departure also revealed the condition of Sushant’s ex-girlfriend Ankita Lokhare and his ajith friend Mahesh Shetty.

As per the India Forum report, Prarthana Behare told that since Ankita Lokhare has heard about Sushant’s suicide she has been standing where she was standing. He is in a bad state. He is shocked by this news. she is broken. People should understand that everyone has progressed in his life, but there is someone else in his life and he has to respect that relationship as well. I know how upset Ankita is, I can understand this.

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Talking to E-Times, Prarthana while answering a question related to Mahesh Shetty said that Sushant and Mahesh have always been a good friend. Prayer further became very emotional by remembering Sushant. He also said that people should stop judging Ankita Lokhande and Mahesh Shetty. They are shocked by this incident. Describing her bonding with Sushant, Prarthana says that Sushant was very close to me, he considered me a younger sister as Ankita’s sister in ‘Pious Relationship’. Praya told that when she was shocked about Sushant’s suicide, who are these people talking about Sushant.

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Explain that she was not in touch after the prayer ‘holy relationship’. But she also wanted to go to the crematorium to give a final farewell to Sushant, but according to government rules, only 20 people can go, in such a situation, she could not go.

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