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Swadhar Greh Scheme: Destitute women will get roof to live with employment, know how to avail


Swadhar Greh Scheme: Destitute women will get roof to live with employment, know how to avail 1

new Delhi. The government will now support women who are victims of domestic violence and other harassment to improve the condition of women in the country. To make them self-sufficient, the government will provide them employment. At the same time, they will also arrange for a roof to live if they are destitute. Swadhar Grih Yojana is being run with the aim of helping the destitute women. In this, by training different things according to their ability, they are made to earn a living.

What is Swadhar Grih Yojana
Women who have been evicted from dowry harassment, domestic violence and any other reason. They have no means of earning or are physically disabled, the scheme was started with the aim of giving shelter to such shelterless women. In this scheme, including the stay of women, their food and clothes and other essential things are provided.

Purpose of the scheme
This scheme is very effective to support the shelterless women and to make them emotionally strong. The scheme also provides legal assistance to women to return to their families. At the same time, women are empowered to live in the society by providing self-employment training and returning their self-esteem.

Eligibility for scheme
Under this scheme, women who are socially excluded and financially vulnerable, who have been separated from the family by themselves, suffer from disaster, have returned from prison for a crime, but remain with them Or if there is nothing to do, victims of prostitution and human trafficking, suffering from HIV and domestic violence etc., such women can get the benefit of Swadhar Grih Yojana.

Benefits from
Under Swadhar Grih Yojana, a woman suffering from domestic violence is allowed to stay in the hostel for one year. If their problem is more, then it is divided into three categories. Women above 55 years of age can stay in Swadhar Greh for 60 years, after which they are sent to the old age ashram. If the woman also has daughters among her children, the daughter can remain with the mother until she attains the age of 18 years. If he has a son, he can stay with the mother till he completes 12 years of age. Apart from this, temporary accommodation, food and medical facilities are also provided for their stay.

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