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Telecom companies will not act arbitrarily on number portability, TRAI gave this order on SMS

Telecom companies will not act arbitrarily on number portability, TRAI gave this order on SMS

Number Portability: TRAI asked to provide SMS facility in all prepaid vouchers

New Delhi:

The telecom regulator has taken a tough stand against the telecom companies who are reluctant on number portability. TRAI has asked all telecom companies to immediately remove the conditions imposed regarding portability. TRAI has asked telecom operators to provide outgoing SMS facility with immediate effect for portability, keeping the number the same for all mobile customers. Actually, TRAI has received complaints from many customers that they are not able to get portability done.

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Actually, companies do not even provide the facility of sending SMS related to mobile number partability in some prepaid vouchers / plans. They bet users to do big recharge for portability. Due to this, a large number of customer numbers are not able to be portable. This facility will be available to all mobile phone users, irrespective of the amount they have not recharged. TRAI has strongly objected to the stand of telecom companies not providing outgoing SMS service in some prepaid vouchers.

According to TRAI, complaints have been received from customers in the recent past that they are unable to send SMS to number 1900 for generating UPC (Unique Porting Code) to avail mobile number portability facility despite having sufficient amount in their prepaid accounts. .

The regulator said in the instructions that all companies are directed to give the facility of sending SMS to 1900 for the convenience of portability to both prepaid and postpaid mobile phone customers under the Number Portability Regulation 2009. This facility should be available to all customers, irrespective of the value of vouchers they are using.

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