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The cheapest 4G handset to be released soon along with free browsing!

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Datawind will be launching yet another low-cost handset, a 4G device of price Rs. 3000 with an additional offer of free 12 month internet browsing for an unlimited usage. The device is scheduled to be launched in the beginning of the year 2016. The president and CEO of Datawind , Suneet Singh Tuli said, “We will launch a 4G device for about Rs. 3,000 with free unlimited 4G browsing for 12 months,”

He also added that there would be no free videos and other downloads and that those features would work when a regular 4G plan from the operators is purchased. Hence, access to videos and downloads is only through a paid plan.
The company has joined hands with mobile network operators regarding the 4G device. Partnerships with Telenor and Reliance Communications with respect to the free 2G and 3G browsing service have been made.

While budget-based 4G devices are available for about Rs. 4000 in market today, this device is tagged Rs. 3000, thus being the cheapest 4G device to be sold. Bharti Airtel now serves 350 towns with 4G services while Vodafone has just begun with Kochi and will be covering Delhi, Mumbai and other important cities by March 2016.

Reliance Jio is also at the verge of starting its 4G data and voice services this December. Idea Cellular has been planning to launch the same across 10 circles in about 750 towns during the first half of the coming year.

Tuli said that the free service of data provided will not be discriminating among the websites that can be accessed and hence is not against the rules of net neutrality. He also added that they are just offering internet browsing free of cost and allow the users to access any website without being charged for data. He also said the company is making money through advertising.

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