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The country’s foreign exchange reserves reached a record level, an increase of $ 4.53 billion


The country's foreign exchange reserves reached a record level, an increase of $ 4.53 billion 1

new Delhi. India’s foreign exchange reserves are steadily increasing. The week ended December 04 saw an increase of $ 4.53 billion in foreign exchange reserves. Whereas the decline was seen in the previous week. This decline was also seen after about two months. This time there has been an increase in foreign currency assets. While gold reserves have also seen an increase. Let us also tell you what kind of data has been presented by RBI.

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Increase in foreign exchange reserves
Today, there is an increase in foreign exchange reserves. According to the data, in the week ended December 04, foreign exchange reserves rose by $ 4.53 billion to reach a new record level with total reserves of $ 579.35 billion. Earlier, in the week ended November 27, the country’s reserves of foreign currency had decreased by $ 469 million to $ 574.82 billion.

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This figure is also positive
According to the data released by the Reserve Bank, foreign currency assets, the largest component of foreign exchange reserves, rose by $ 3.93 billion to reach $ 537.39 billion in the week ended December 04. During this period, gold reserves also increased by $ 53.5 million to $ 35.73 billion. In the week under review, the reserves with the International Monetary Fund increased by $ 4.6 million to $ 4.73 billion and the special drawing rights by $ 1.2 million, registering $ 1.51 billion.

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