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The first week of May was the lowest in 11 years, the temperature was below 40


new Delhi: The first week of May was the lowest in 11 years. The hottest month in the first week of May, the temperature could not touch 40 degrees. According to the Meteorological Department, the temperature is unlikely to reach 40 degrees by May 12. Whereas usually the beginning of May is 40 degrees.

On May 1 last year, the temperature was recorded at 44 degrees. Whereas since 2011, so far on May 5, the temperature has been recorded at 40 degrees or more. Due to 7 Western Disturbances in April and 2 Western Disturbances in the first week of May, this time the temperature is not reaching normal. In the entire summer season in 2019, till May 6, the temperature was recorded more than 40 degrees 10 times. Whereas on April 30, the temperature was 43.7.

According to the Meteorological Department, there are signs of a fall in temperature due to the strong thunderstorm on May 10, which is expected to cause light drizzle on May 12. Because of this, the temperature will not go above 40 degrees until at least 15 May. The maximum temperature on Wednesday was 35.2 degrees, which is 3 degrees below normal. The minimum temperature was also 23.8 degrees, which is one degree below normal. There was trouble for the humid people. The humidity level in the air remained at 36 to 79 percent. Meanwhile, on May 9, the temperature can reach around 39 degrees, but after that it will decrease again.

First 6 days of may temperature

1 May-38.8

2 May-38.8

3 May-37.9

4 May-34.7

5 May-35.7

6 May-35.2

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