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These five schemes of the government can fulfill the dream of studying abroad


These five schemes of the government can fulfill the dream of studying abroad 1

new Delhi. Everyone dreams of studying abroad. To fulfill this dream, if someone resorts to education loan, then one gets freedom to fulfill this dream with his ancestral money. But this dream of crores of students of the country remains unfulfilled. On the other hand, the Modi government of the country is helping students to fulfill this dream. For this, 5 schemes have been started by the government. Hardly you are aware that every year 4000 students fulfill their dreams with these schemes. Let us also give you information about these schemes.

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With these plans, you can fulfill the dream of studying abroad
You can fulfill your dream of studying abroad through National Overseas Scholarship, National Overseas Scholarship, Read Pardes, UGC Scholarship and Cultural and Educational Exchange Program Scholarship. All these schemes have been started by the Modi government to pay for the education of minorities, SC-ST students. To take advantage of these schemes, you also have to follow the terms and conditions. You cannot avail these plans without completing them.

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It is necessary to follow these conditions
Only the SC and Nomadic caste students can take advantage of the National Foreign Scholarship Scheme. The scheme is under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.
– Only ST category students can benefit from the National Migrant Scholarship Scheme run by the Ministry of Tribals.
– ‘Padho Pardes Scholarship Scheme’ is handled by the Ministry of Minorities. The name of the ministry proves that minority students can benefit from this scheme.
– The UGC and the Hungarian government jointly run a program that gives 200 students a year to study abroad.
Students are sent to study abroad after being selected on the basis of merit in the cultural and educational exchange program.

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Such applications can be done in these schemes
To take advantage of these schemes, you have to apply, which includes identity card, photo, certificate of your education, exam marks. You will have to submit all these documents and information along with the application form. The biggest is that the annual income of the applying family should not exceed Rs 8 lakh. The benefit of this scheme is that only one person can get benefit from a family. Also, you have to pass the entrance exam in the said foreign university.


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