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‘Thotha Chana, Baje Ghana’, JDU leader in debate – opposition friend unemployed; RLSP leader’s answer- God trust Bihar


Migrant laborers continue to return to their homes during the enforced lockdown amid the Corona virus crisis. There is also a debate on TV channels on the day it is brought. Leaders accuse each other. The same happened on a TV channel where Madhav Anand, leader of the Rashtriya Lok Samata Party, and Ajay Alok, leader of the Janata Dal United, got into a heated debate. On this, RLSP General Secretary Madhav Anand said that Bihar God is trust.

Actually, Ajay Alok took a dig at the opposition and said that Thotha Chana Baje dense. All our opposition friends now have no political responsibility or not, all have become politically unemployed. And what did these people do when they had political responsibility. This whole country knows. That is why these people have become politically unemployed. Right now they were questioning the condition of the Quarantine Center. I can say with a claim that if I tell how many quarantine centers are running in Bihar, then I will leave politics.

Madhav Anand said that Ajay Alok ji is saying that there are quarantine arrangements in Bihar. Ajay Alok is a doctor himself and I know him personally. They should tell the truth, how is the health system in Bihar. Bihar God is trusting.

According to Sanjay Kumar, Principal Secretary, Health Department, 46 people have received positive reports till Saturday afternoon. The maximum of these are 18 from Banka district of Bhagalpur division. 10 are from Samastipur, 7 are Jhajha of Jamui, 5 are BMP-14 personnel from Patna, 3 are from Katihar and 2 are from Aurangabad. There have been 1079 cases of corona in the state.

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