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TikTok accuses Facebook of serious theft and harming, know what the whole case is


TikTok accuses Facebook of serious theft and harming, know what the whole case is 1

new Delhi. The sale of American operations of Tiktok Parent Company ByteDance, the parent company of Tittock, has not been stopped yet that it has been infested with another American company. Yes, there have been serious allegations on the American social media company Facebook on behalf of ByteDance. Bytedance has given a statement to the Chinese media aggregator and has made serious allegations of theft and harm on Facebook (Allegations of Theft and Harm on Facebook). Whereas ByteDans last week said copycat after one of its product launches by Facebook. Let us also tell you what the whole matter is.

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ByteDance accuses Facebook
Last week, BiteDance, the parent company of Ticketock based in China, has accused the social media platform of theft and harm after calling Facebook a copycat. According to media reports on Monday, Bytdance has said about Facebook that it faces all kinds of complex and unimaginable difficulties. Bytdance has posted this statement in their own language on the Chinese news aggregator app Jinri Tutiao. It said that the company is facing a deep international political environment, confrontation and conflict of different cultures and allegations of theft and harm from its rivals. Facebook has not yet responded to these allegations.

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Tiktok criticized Facebook
Last week, TickTalk CEO Kevin Mayer criticized Facebook for launching a copycat product called Reels. Reels is an app similar to TicketLock that has been launched after testing in India. Let it be known that Tiktok has been banned in the country including many other Chinese apps in the past. On the other hand, the US has also asked to ban TickTalk. Ticktock’s acquisition of US operations is currently underway with Microsoft.

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Facebook’s copycat product
Mayer wrote in his blogpost that we at Ticktock appreciate the match. We feel that fair competition makes all of us better. For those wishing to launch competitive products, we ask them to do so at all. Facebook is also launching another copycat product Reels (related to Instagram) immediately after another copycat Lasso failed.


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