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Top 3 Cryptocurrencies to Consider in 2023 for Good Growth

We all know that crypto is the future and Investing in the future is a smart decision. If you are thinking to invest in Crypto but don’t have any idea where to invest. We will discuss top 3 cryptocurrencies based on the current trend, where you can invest and these projects are expected to give good results in the future. The number of transactions in crypto is increasing day by day which shows the great scope for growth in the near future. Investment needs a lot of research and analysis but reading this blog may ease your work. We have listed three projects in this blog and all of these Coins have good real case uses.

Enjin Coin (ENJ)

If you want to construct your own NFT then you can use the Enjin Coin platform and build your NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. Enjin Coin is mainly focused on avoiding exorbitant fees and fraud that happens with users who collect game collectibles. Enjin Coin’s exclusive feature provides a facility for its users in which it provides a specialized market for trading and collecting uncommon NFTs and a wallet to manage them. The price of this coin is down from a high of $4.84 and it carries the potential to repeat its high value again.

Top 3 Cryptocurrencies to Consider in 2023 for Good Growth 1

Enjin is currently trading at its support. The upcoming weeks are more important to the price action.

Kucoin Token

Kucoin token is the native token of one of the most popular trading platforms Kucoin. This coin is also a potential project and can give great results in the coming future. When Kucoin holders asked about the fall in the price of this token, the CEO Johnny Lyu assured them that the fall is temporary and it will gain momentum again. We have seen in the past that native tokens of trading platforms have performed really well and Kucoin tokens can also do so. Kucoin is giving a daily bonus to those who hold more than 6 KCS tokens in their wallet.

KCS tokens has broken the support, possible we might see downside in coming days. But buying in Dollar cost averaging style can be good in this coin

Flasko (FLSK)

This project carries something new to its users as it is an NFT platform backed by physical assets of highly lucrative expensive wines, whiskeys, and champagnes. This coin will be backed by real investors and its value is expected to skyrocket. If you want physical NFT it would deliver it to your front door with the help of Flasko.

Seeing the price history of this coin the value of the coin is increasing at a steady pace, within the past few days its price has increased from $0.015 to $0.05. The unique concept of the coin is the reason for the overwhelming support it has received despite the downturn in the market. The German company will Solid proof and will be handling the liquidity of this coin for 3 decades. The market is red for the past few months and the value of Flasko is increasing.

These are three Tokens that you can consider for your investment. This is not a piece of financial advice and we have written this post for Education purposes.

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