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Troller said – by making makeup and making a video, Sapna Chaudhary gave this befitting reply


Queen Sapna Chaudhary of Haryana recently shared a video to support the farmers. Through the video, Sapna has asked all the fans to support the farmer. But on this video, a user incorrectly spoke with Sapna, to which the actress gave a befitting reply.

Actually, one user commented on the video, ‘Make video by makeup’.

Sapna replied to the user and wrote, ‘Brother God has given a lot. Not fond of showing, but give advice there, which is needed, I do not.

The user then commented, ‘Good thing God has given. But even Salman Khan had said this that you do not remain true. Well it is your wish but you are a public figure. This is my opinion, the rest is your wish.

Sapna then replied to this user and wrote, ‘I do not consider myself a public figure or a star. I am a normal person and I am as happy as I am. Thanks again for your opinion. ‘

At the same time a user said, ‘Why are you wasting your time by answering such people. These people are difficult to explain. You do not have to prove anything to anyone. Ignore their comments and chill. ‘

Sapna replying to this fan said, ‘I know sir, but some people have to answer, the rest thank you.’ Let me tell you that Sapna is known for her impunity. She continues to stop speaking of trolls on social media.

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