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Trump sold 25 thousand crores weapons to India in his last year


Trump sold 25 thousand crores weapons to India in his last year 1

new Delhi. America’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency has presented shocking figures. Have sold weapons to India 5 times the budget in 2020 as compared to 2019 during the Trump tenure. The special thing is that the US has reduced the arms trade from the rest of the world. While India grew five times. Let us also tell you what kind of data has been presented by DSCA.

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Five times defense turnover
– India bought 62 million US dollars or 4500 crore rupees weapons from USA in 2019.
– While in 2020, this figure from India reached $ 3.4 billion to about 25 thousand crore rupees.
– While total arms sales from the US to other countries decreased to $ 50.8 billion in 2020.
– America had sold weapons worth $ 55.7 billion in 2019 to other countries.
– In 2017, this figure was $ 41.9 billion.

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The budget of these countries also increased with India

Country Spend in 2019 (in dollars) Spend in 2020 (in dollars)
India 62 crores 3.4 billion
Morocco 1.24 Crore 4.5 billion
Poland 67.3 crores 4.7 billion
Singapore 13.7 crore 1.3 billion
Taiwan 87.6 crores 11.8 billion
UAE 1.1 billion 3.6 billion

India bought less weapons this year
According to the 2020 report of the US Historical Sales Book, India had purchased $ 754 million in 2017. Whereas in 2018 this figure had come to $ 28.2 million. According to the data, between 1950 and 2020, the US sold weapons worth US $ 12.8 billion to India under foreign military sales.

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These countries sold weapons less
According to statistics, despite the Trump administration barring any military and security assistance to Pakistan, it was sold weapons under the FMS. Pakistan bought arms from the US for $ 146 million in 2020, while other countries saw a decrease in arms purchases from the US, including Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Belgium, Iraq and South Korea.


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