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United Nations is Using Blockchain Technology to Develop Afghanistan


United Nations turn to blockchain technology for urban development in Afghanistan. This action is the part of the “City for all” program by the United Nations. The program is aiming to invest in sustainable urbanization in Afghanistan.

There are twelve cities of Afghanistan included in the program where the United Nations is aiding the government in implementing an innovative program that addresses the issues of urban governance and currently is working on the city Kabul.

The spokesperson for the United Nations Secretary-General, Stephane Dujarric informed The Sociable that the United Countries Workplace of Communique and Knowledge Applied sciences (UN- OCIT) Is developing an innovative solution by using the blockchain technology to aid the Afghanistan government to ensure the systematic and transparent in land records as a part of “City for All” Initiative.

The program started in the year 2016, and the main goals of the program are effective land management, strategic urban planning, and improved municipal financial. Moreover, as per the memorandum, the United Nations is looking to expand its collaborations across South Asia that mainly include the cities of Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. With this solution, it will be able to solve the infrastructural issues in the mentioned significant countries.

The United Nations OICT is also working on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology in building prototypes for various applications.

The United Nations also revealed that it is trying to use the blockchain technology in many areas such as legal identification, financial inclusion, donor assistance, environmental causes, internal (private) UN blockchain to document financial transactions, etc. Last year the United Nations used the blockchain technology in the development of areas such as health services in East Africa and also it made efforts in establishing a credit score bureau based on blockchain technology in Sierra Leone.

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