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Unlock 1.0: With the opening of hotels, restaurants, the demand for vegetables may increase by 15 percent, tomatoes being sold at less than one kg price


The country is unlocked today after a long lockdown. Religious places, shopping malls, restaurants etc. have opened up in most parts of the country, including Delhi, following the standards of social distancing. Now the prices of vegetables are likely to rise. With the opening of hotels, restaurants and canteens, the demand for fruits and vegetables may increase by 10-15 per cent, but there is no enthusiasm among the traders about this in the wholesale markets.

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With the opening of hotels, restaurants and canteens, demand for food items like vegetables, fruits and milk is expected to increase. Traders say that the consumption of vegetables in the Horeka segment is generally 25 per cent, and due to the precaution due to coronavirus infection, even if the hotels, restaurants and canteens will run with little capacity, then even in the coming days, vegetables Demand for this may increase 10-15 per cent from the current level.

Consumption of vegetables in hotels, restaurants and canteens is around 25 percent

Rajendar Shamar, former president of APMC, Azadpur Mandi, Delhi, said that the consumption of vegetables in hotels, restaurants and canteens is around 25 percent and if they start running in the coming days, then demand will increase by 10-15%, but Nothing can be said at this time because everyone is afraid of Corona.

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M.R. President of the Chamber of Azadpur Fruits and Vegetables Association Kripalani told IANS, “Even when the hotels and restaurants open, people will be afraid to go there due to corona infection, but gradually the demand for vegetables and fruits may increase by 10-15 per cent by next month if the situation becomes normal. ” But on the question about the increase in prices, he said that there is not much improvement in the price of green vegetables and vegetables due to supply being more than the demand.

Tomato sold for less than a rupee a kg

If you leave out potatoes, the price of most green vegetables including onion-tomato has decreased in corona call. Onion prices have dropped to Rs 2.5 a kg in bulk mandis. At the same time, tomatoes have started selling at less than one rupee per kg. The same onion and tomato were sold in the last months of last year at a high price of Rs 100. Vijay Ahuja, the agent of Okhla Mandi, said that at this time the prices of vegetables are so low that farmers are not getting the cost of the crop. He said that there is no question at this time that vegetables are expensive due to the opening of hotels, restaurants and canteens.

Wholesale price of onion from Rs 2.50 to Rs 8.75 per kg

The wholesale price of onions in Azadpur, Asia’s biggest mandi for fruits and vegetables, was Rs 2.5 to Rs 8.75 per kg on Saturday, while tomatoes were priced at Rs 1.25 to Rs 4.75 per kg. Earlier on Friday, tomato price was 75 paise to Rs 4.5 0 per kg. A businessman said that the prices of tomatoes had increased on Saturday only on expectations of opening of hotels, restaurants and canteens. He informed that the contractors supplying vegetables in the canteen and the hotel have started reaching Mandi.

This is the reason for the fall in onion-tomato prices

The reason for the fall in prices of tomatoes and onions is also the increase in their production. According to the second advance production estimate of horticulture crops released by the Union Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare on Tuesday, about 32.55 million tonnes of horticultural crops can be produced in the country in 2 019-2 0, which is about 31% of the previous year. 3.13 percent higher than 07 million tonnes. At the same time, onion production is estimated to be 17.17 per cent higher this year compared to last year at 267.38 lakh tonnes. Tomato production is estimated at 2 05.7 lakh tonnes, an increase of 8.2% over 19 0.1 lakh tonnes last year.

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