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US actress accuses George H W Bush of sexual assault


According to a media report, American actress Heather Lind has alleged that former US President George H. W. Bush has touched her twice wrongly and shared the dirty jokes, this happened during a screening of a TV show.

His spokesman on behalf of the former president said that Bush was doing this just for Humor, it was not intended to hurt anyone’s feelings. He also said that if Linda gots hurt, he (Bush) apologizes.

The 34-year-old actress explained the incident on Tuesday by writing a lengthy post on Instagram. Lind said that in a photo, she became disturbed by seeing former US President Barack Obama with the 93-year-old Bush.

She said, ‘It was a troubler because I know about the respect given to the former presidents. I am proud of many people in the photo, but when I got a chance to meet George H. W. Bush while promoting a historical television show four years ago when I was posing for a similar photo, my sexual harassment was done.’

Lind wrote, ‘They did not shake hands. He was in the wheelchair he touched me from behind During this time his wife Barbara was also on the side. He also told me a dirty joke. And he touched me again during photography. His security guards told me that I should not have stood near him. ‘

According to the report. Lind Said “I am grateful for the bravery of other women who have spoken up and written about their experiences.”


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