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User told Sonu Sood – I am trapped in the house, reach the liquor store, the actor gave a funny answer


Sonu Sood, who plays villain in Bollywood films, has become a real hero for the needy people. He has been working to take the migrant laborers trapped in lockdown to his home for the last several days. If anyone wants to contact them on social media, then they are answering it and taking responsibility to take them home. His work is being praised everywhere.

Meanwhile, a user on Twitter talked to Sonu to reach the liquor store. Sonu has given him a funny answer on this. Actually, the user tagged Sonu on Twitter and wrote, ‘Sonu Bhai I am stuck in my house. Get me to the contract ‘The actor replied that’ Brother, I can reach home by contract. Speak out if necessary.

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It is known that during the lockdown, Sonu has emerged as a relief for migrant laborers. So far, he has sent hundreds of laborers to states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar so that they do not have to walk. Recently, while talking in the Fever Digital 100 Hours 100 Stars, Sonu said, ‘Those people who are getting bored these days, you can find time for others. I also tell my friends to cook a little extra food and give it to a needy person or their family. If this happens, no one will sleep on an empty stomach. ‘

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