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Vaccine updates and foreign signals will decide the direction of market share


Vaccine updates and foreign signals will decide the direction of market share 1

new Delhi. Last week, the decisions of RBI succeeded in crossing the 45 thousand mark for the first time in the stock market history. Which saw significant contribution of economic data and record sales in auto sector. Now next week, market investors will be watching the Corona vaccine update and signs of foreign markets. Where PM Narendra Modi can make a big announcement about the vaccine. On the other hand, the US can announce a relief package. At the same time, the market will also be watching the new cases of corona virus.

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Awaiting announcement on vaccine
According to experts, there has been a boom in the overseas markets due to good news about the American stimulus package and the corona vaccine. At the same time, PM Narendra Modi said in the past week that the corona vaccine will soon come in the country. In such a situation, if the experts are to be believed then there will be no longer wait for the vaccine. The PM can make a fresh announcement about this next week. Also, retail and wholesale inflation figures may be released next week. Their impact can also be seen in the stock market.

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Foreign events will be monitored
At the same time some experts also say that now all major developments have been left behind. Because of which market investors will keep an eye on global signals. A big announcement about the stimulus package is possible in the US next week. Due to which the foreign stock market can see a boom. On the other hand, new cases of corona virus can also be seen in the stock market worldwide.

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The market had crossed 45 thousand
The Sensex touched an all-time high of 45,148.28 on Friday. The Sensex finally closed at a new record level of 45,079.55. Similarly, the National Stock Exchange’s Nifty touched a new all-time high of 13,280.05 during trading and finally closed at a new record level of 13,258.55. The Sensex gained 929.83 points or 2.10 per cent in the previous week. The Nifty rose 289.60 points or 2.23 percent.


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