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Vijay Raj breaks silence on sexual harassment charge, says – I also have a 21 year old daughter


Actor Vijay Raj has broken the silence on the allegations of sexual harassment on himself. Last week, she was accused of harassment by a female crew member of the set of her upcoming film Lioness. The shooting of the film started in Balaghat in Madhya Pradesh after a long hiatus due to the coronavirus epidemic. Vidya Balan is the heroine of this film. The entire cast and crew of the film (other than the film’s actors) were staying at a hotel in a place called Gondia, a little away from the shooting location. Late on 2 November, Vijay Raj was arrested by the Gondia Police. The next morning he was released on conditional bail by a local court.

He immediately returned to Mumbai. On 3 November, he received an email from Abandantia Entertainment Pvt Ltd stating that due to this complaint, he was temporarily expelled from the film. The makers of the film have also formed an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC). This committee will investigate allegations of sexual exploitation on Vijay Raj. Till now Vijay Raj had not said anything on this matter.

Now Vijay Raj has spoken to the Bombay Times about the allegations leveled against him, “Women’s safety is the biggest responsibility. I have a 21-year-old daughter of my own, so I understand its need better. I am all the way I am ready to help in the investigation. However, it is shocking to expel, expel, and expel me from my upcoming films without any investigation. I have no words to tell it. It is a dangerous place to live. . I have been working in this film industry for 23 years. I have made a career with very hard work. I have built my house by adding Tinka-Tinka. Someone can ruin anyone’s career? Someone spoke and you Suppose I am an oppressor? People are forced to give a decision without hearing the second part of the story. Whatever the decision of the case, you are bound to get a stampede. I am guilty before the investigation It has been signed. My right to earn employment has been badly affected. Am I not suffering here? My father and my young daughter living in Delhi are also affected by the society. Have to face it. “

According to the Bombay Times, a crew member of the film, who was there from the start of shooting of the film to the incident, says, “We have told what we had to say. The police have been told everything. The law is ours.” Will work and people will get justice. ”

Vijay Raj says, “I have been working with this crew for the last one year. We play cricket on the set. We live together like this. Yet when I was told she was uncomfortable, I apologized.” It happened in front of all the crew. My apology meant that I understand your feelings. But that does not mean that I accept your allegations at the police station. Apology does not mean that You are wrong. It means that you value someone’s feelings. If people come to the conclusion of things without any investigation, then all my years of hard work will go in the ravine. It should not be one sided. Truth always Remains but the damage is done. “

The matter is under investigation. Only after investigation, the truth of the whole case will be known. Vijay Raj’s lawyer Savina Bedi Sachar told the Bombay Times, “It is necessary to make it clear that Vijay Raj will present his clarification against the allegations leveled against him. As an actor and public figure, he has suffered a lot. It While this is happening under one charge, that too for a crime that they believe they did not do. Vijay Raj is not accused of any non-bailable offense, so the Honorable Court has granted him bail. He never It was thought that only a good-hearted apology would be used against him. We have full faith in the judicial system. “

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