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Vitamin D in teens could cause health issues


Extra vitamin D food supplements can be harmful to obese children as it can increase the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides which collect and store more of fats, reveals an American Indian researcher.

Many other experts in the field seem to agree with the statement that extra supplement of vitamin D has got nothing to do with improving heart health as well as diabetic conditions. Seema Kumar from the Mayo Clinic children’s center also claims that the boost in vitamin D dosage given to a set of teenagers revealed no change in their body weight and BMI.

The researcher is also not very sure of the reports as the number of children involved in the study was too less to determine standard conclusions. Some of the existing forms of medicine use Vitamin D as a treatment for chronic diseases. This use can be questioned now as per the findings of Kumar.

Excessive intake of this vitamin can result in hypervitaminosis and vitamin toxicity which further lead to kidney issues, nausea, vomiting as well as loss of appetite. The placebo-controlled tests that were conducted also reveal that there could be long-term effects of excess vitamin D which cannot be established using short-term studies with a small group of children.

In the Journal “Pediatric Obesity”, she also has published a paper which says that there exists a link between increased vitamin D content in blood and the improvement in vascular function. To her surprise, after a 30-day experimental study on the group of children, she hardly found any benefit from the supplement.

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