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Vodafone Idea Share Price: Share slipped to reach 52-week high, know its reason


Vodafone Idea Share Price: Share slipped to reach 52-week high, know its reason 1

new Delhi. The day Vodafone Idea Share Price saw a big fall on the day the Supreme Court gave the telecom companies 10 years to pay AGR dues. Since then, the company stock has been steadily increasing. Shares of the company got more strength on Thursday when news came that Amazon was going to invest thousands of crores with another company. If Vodafone Idea refused to do this, then there is light profit booking in the shares. However, this profit booking is quite modest. Let us also tell you how many rupees the company’s shares have become.

Share reached 52-week high
Today, even though the company’s stock opened with a downward trend, there was a boom in the initial business. The company hit an all-time high of Rs 13.45. The special thing is that this level has also reached the height of 52 weeks by the price of the company’s share. Well this morning, the company’s shares opened at Rs 11.31. While the company’s shares closed at Rs 12.56 yesterday.

Currently the stock of the company’s shares
As we just told you that the company’s stock is trading with a slight decline, which has now come on the green mark. At 12.45 pm, Vodafone Idea shares are trading at a flat level of Rs 12.57. Whereas during the trading level today, the stock of the company went down to a low of Rs 11.31.

There is no deal with Amazon
Vodafone Idea, while rejecting all the news of Amazon and Verizon’s investment, clearly said that there is no such proposal yet. According to media reports, the stock market has been informed by Vodafone Idea. Let us tell you that the market of news was hot on Thursday that Amazon and Verizon together can invest 30 thousand crore rupees in Vodafone Idea. After which there was a jump in the shares of the company. The stock market then sought clarification on Vodafone Idea. After that the statement came from Vodafone Idea.


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