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Wanchain – Gets listed on Binance; Buy Wanchain on Binance


Wanchain one of the most popular and hyped ICO is now all set to get launched on world’s top cryptocurrency exchange Binance. Deposits of Wanchain is live now on Binance. Trading will go live at 11:30pm IST on 23rd March. Wanchain on Binance can be traded against BTC and ETH.

Binance will only support native Wanchain token and not ERC20. Wanchain earlier have announced the swap of ERC20 token to Wanchain token in January. Read the official news Wanchain on Binance

What is Wanchain?

Wanchain is creating a new financial market of digital assets by implementing cross-chain transfers across different blockchains. With the number of various coins, tokens, and blockchains currently in the ecosystem, there’s not currently an efficient, decentralised way to exchange value between them. As an independent blockchain, Wanchain connects the accounts of independent chains to provide a framework to exchange these assets.

Wanchain blockchain platform for smart contract with Privacy protection and Cross-Chain capabilities. The Wanchain blockchain is built on the top of Ethereum’s code base. The Mainnet went live on 18th January 2018, that added Ring Signature, One-Time-Addresses and Stamp System privacy features on top of the smart contract platform.

The next version 2.0 release targeted for Q3 of 2018 will implement cross-chain capabilities with Ethereum blockchain, followed by version 3.0 release targeted for Q4 2018 will implement cross-chain capabilities with Bitcoin blockchain. The version 4.0 release targeted for mid-2019 will provide a generic framework to support cross-chain capabilities with any blockchain.

Wanchain tokensale took place in 4th October 2017, The project has $35,990,000 out of $36,000,000 as hardcap. The ICO price 1 WAN = 0.34 USD. The total token supply of Wanchain is 210,000,000.

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