Adani's group is growing daily, and while we are looking at his worth, but what about debt?

Adani group recently acquired cement maker Holcim’s India, and it added 40,000 crores to its debt

As of today total debt on Adani group is around $2.6 trillion

In past 5 years Adani Group's debt has increased from 1 Trillion to 2.5 Trillion in expanding his buisness

As Debt on the group has increase the amount of cash flow has also increased which is a positive sign. 

Adani Group's 30% debt is in foreign currencies, and 70% of its debt is in Indian currencies.

The highest level of increase in debt is seen in FY-2020-2021 as they have invested in several new businesses

His ranking saw a jump yesterday when his net worth reached approx $154 billion for a phase of time 

Out of his $152 Billion, his net worth surge in 2022 is around $70 Billion.