Apple is always known for its innovation and the latest technologies in its devices.

Apple was known for its health features in their watches and they have continued this trend.

This time apple has especially focused on women's health and brought a really useful feature which can detect periods.

If you are a woman and wearing an apple watch 8 it would detect your periods and ovulation cycle.

Latest Car crash detection is also added to apple watches this year which detect car accident with advanced sensor-fusion algorithm 

Using several features like motion data, Crash Detection uses the barometer, GPS, and the microphone on iPhone as inputs to detect severe car accident

If it detects a car crash it will automatically dial Emergency number to alert your family. 

Apple introduced a low-power mode which can increase battery life upto 36 hours which is insane

The health data you receive from the apple watch is highly accurate and no other watch can match it.

Price of Apple Watch Series 8 on Amazon is 45,899 with a discount of Rs. 1500.

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