Cardano (ADA) important update is coming

Cardano’s founder Charles has announced its Vasil upgrade is in the final stage.

Today, via broadcast, the founder updated that the fork will be updated on 22nd September

Charles also informed that the update will take a little more time to reflect after the upgrade starts.

The update will be visible by around 27th September due to some technical reason

The following upgrade was delayed twice previously due to bugs discovered in the deployments 

Vasil upgrade is a very important upgrade, as its focuses on the scalability of the network.

The upgrade will not only improve scalability but will also focus on script efficiency and reducing the latency in block transaction

Before the upgrade, the founder also requested the community to upgrade the wallets to Daedalus 5.0.0 version. 

Cardano is currently trading at $0.46, on 14th aug closing price was ~$0.56