As Brahmastra released on 9 september and became box office. 

There were many leading cast, one of them is king of acting - Shah rukh khan. 

Shah rukh khan played a very interesting and main role in film which made film more interesting. 

There are many question in fans mind about Shah Rukh Khan Character.

The role of shah rukh was of a scientist. 

Name of Shah rukh khan in Brahmastra movie was Mohan Bhargav. 

Fans wants to know that Shah rukh will be there in part second or not? so, ans is there in next page.

The last line of Shah rukh was ‘Main kabhi haarta nahi’  this line proves that his character will be there in next part. 

While Ayan Mukerji the director of of movies confirms Brahmastra team is already thinking of a spin-off for SRK's Vanarastra

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