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WhatsApp Adds Two-Step Verification Security Feature; Here’s How You Can Enable It

  • WhatsApp Adds Two-Step Verification Security Feature
  • Update to Audio Message Feature

We all know the frequency of WhatsApp app has been very aggressive. Recently they release Snapchat type feature, public invite link for groups, bigger emoji, and video calling feature which was the last update. This time WhatsApp is in news again with yet another updates from WhatsApp,

WhatsApp has introduced two new feature in the update. Two-way authentication and an option to play the audio message in the background. WhatsApp two-way authentication feature is available with version 2.16.349.

What is two-way authentication feature in WhatsApp
The purpose of two-way authentication feature in WhatsApp is to avoid anyone verifying your mobile number on another mobile device without your information. For example, Your friend or relatives can misuse your number to use Whatsapp. Since OTP can be easily taken by borrowing your phone. But with this feature even if they able to take the OTP, they may not know your passcode and will not be able to move further.

How to Enable Two-Way Authentication on Whatsapp
To enable the feature go to Settings > Account > Two Step Verification. Upon selection, the following screen will appear.

WhatsApp two step verification update

Click on Enable.You will then have to enter the six digit passcode. This six digit passcode will ask every time you register your phone number with WhatsApp. Enter the Six digit twice.

Two way authentication on whatsapp

You will also be asked to enter the email id( optional). This will be useful in case you forget your email id. WhatsApp will not send any kind of email verification for the same. After this steps, your two-step authentication will be activated and no one will be able to register without the passcode.
verified whatsapp
Another important and best update from WhatsApp is the option to play the audio message without keeping your app open, Yes you heard it right now you can play your audio messages in the background. Previously while listening to the audio message you had to keep the app open and stay in the same conversion. With these update, you can now switch between other conversation as well as the other apps . You can listen to the long conversation without any interruptions. Both the update are available to beta users as of now. While others can download the update from APK Mirror.

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