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When Shah Rukh Khan told Gauri at the reception- let’s wear burqa and read namaz


Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan are one of the best Bollywood couple. Please tell that both Shahrukh and Gauri were of different religion, but both never allowed religion to come in between their love. Now an old video of Shahrukh is going viral. In this video, Shah Rukh is telling a funny story of his wedding and reception.

In this video, Farida Jalal is interviewing Shahrukh. Shahrukh said, ‘I remember Gauri’s entire family was old fashion and I respect her. There was a reception after the wedding. Everyone was sitting there and I came around 1.15 am. At that time, the people sitting there started talking among themselves. They used to say, “Hmmm … is this a Muslim boy … will he change the girl’s name after marriage?” Will Gauri also become a Muslim? ‘

Shah Rukh further said, ‘I was listening to everyone and I also did a prank and told Gauri that let’s wear Gauri burqa and read namaz. Everyone sitting there was surprised. I then told everyone that now Gauri will wear a burqa all the time, she will not go out of the house and we will now name Gauri as Ayesha.

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Shahrukh further said that it is a lesson that every religion should be respected and it should not get in the way of love. He also told that after marriage, Gauri’s family started loving him a lot. Not only this, they now love Gauri more than Shahrukh.

When Gauri used to party, Shahrukh Khan took care of Suhana, Ananya and Shanaya’s house

Please tell that Shahrukh had enough papad to marry Gauri. In the King of Bollywood book, Anupama Chopra told some interesting things about Shahrukh and Gauri. It is written in the book that Gauri’s father had problems not with Shahrukh’s religion but with his acting. While Gauri’s mother may have liked to see Shahrukh on screen, she did not want to see him as a son-in-law. He even consulted the astrologer as to how to break the relationship between them, but to no avail.

Gauri’s brother Vikrant also did not like his sister’s relationship with Shahrukh. Vikrant even scared Shahrukh with a gun. Please tell that Shah Rukh and Gauri married on 25 October 1991.

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