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When such incident happened with ‘Laxman’ while having lunch on the set of ‘Ramayana’, the shooting had an impact


Sunil Lahiri, who played Laxman in the serial Ramayana, is very active on social media. He keeps sharing something for the fans. Along with this, he is telling interesting stories related to Ramayana on Twitter for the last few days. Now he told that during lunch on the set something happened that shooting started very late.

Sunil Lahiri has shared a video of himself on Twitter. In this, he is telling, because the shooting of Ramayana was going on continuously, due to the delay in the lunch break, I told Sagar Saheb that I am very hungry. I have to go to eat food. He said that you do one thing that you have to eat on the set. I asked Spotboy to bring my food to Dada.

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Sunil further said that the lighting change was happening at that time. When I sat down to eat, the people working there turned big fans towards me. In such a situation, all the food of Sarah came over me and my clothes got spoiled. Due to this, the shooting got delayed further, as the shooting started when the clothes came clean.

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