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Wholesale inflation sets a record in April, the prices of these items jumped the most


Wholesale inflation sets a record in April, the prices of these items jumped the most 1

New Delhi. Inflation has given a major blow to the people suffering from the pandemic Corona virus. Wholesale inflation has set a new record in April due to rising prices of crude oil and Manufactured Items. Inflation (WPI) based on fast rising wholesale inflation reached an all-time record high of 10.49 per cent in April. Compared to March 2021, it has increased by about 7.39 per cent. According to data released by the Commerce Ministry, wholesale inflation was just 3.1 percent in March. Similarly, the wholesale inflation was 4.17 percent in February.

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More than last month
The Ministry of Commerce and Industry said that the prices of crude petroleum, petrol, diesel etc. and manufactured products increased sharply this year as compared to the month of April of the previous year, mainly in April, 2021, the annual rate of annual inflation in the same month of the previous year. More than. During this period, inflation in food articles stood at 4.92 per cent due to the steep rise in the prices of food products such as eggs, meat and fish. There is a great amount of protein available in them.

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Vegetable prices fall
At the same time, wholesale inflation of vegetables stood at -9.03 per cent as against 5.19 per cent in March. People are relieved here. Their prices have come down. During this period, onion prices have registered a decrease of 19.72 per cent. There has been a fall in the inflation rate of pulses in April. It has come down to 10.74 per cent from 13.14 per cent in March. In April, milk inflation declined to 2.04 per cent from 2.65 per cent in March. While it was 27.43 percent in fruits. Similarly, fuel and power inflation stood at 20.94 percent in April, compared to 9.01 percent in manufactured products.

Let us tell you that Reserve Bank Governor Shaktikanta Das had earlier said that the increase in manufacturing and services PMI as well as wholesale inflation shows the pressure on the cost price.

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